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The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword

...and this just proves that!

Legend of Zelda Fanfiction
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Welcome to the LoZ: Fanfiction Community! This community is for the Zelda authors out there that need a place to go!

1. No flames. The author of the story tried their hardest and poured their heart and soul into the fanfiction. Constructice critisism is fine, but flames will be deleted.
2. Relax. If you get a flame, please don't start anything over it. The flame will be deleted as soon as possible. If it's not deleted within a few days, leave a comment on my personal LJ, wolf_ocd.
3. Anything goes! Feel free to post CYOA, reader-insert, non-reader-insert, roundrobin, one-shots, and anything else!
4. Challenges. Challenges are acceptable, but please make sure that the rules are very clear and to the point!
5. Review. You don't have to review on this site, but it is nice. It satisfies an author to get some feedback. Also, it's a chance to point out facts that may need correcting!

1. Please follow the layout below for any posted stories!
Chapter # and Title(if applicable): (ex. Chapter 2: Path to Hyrule)
Pairing: (Use this only if there is a pairing!)
Summary: (Basically write a short summary of your story)
2. Always use a disclaimer. Just say that you don't own Zelda. It's short, and makes sure that I don't get sued! ^^;
3. Post stories behind an LJ cut! This saves space and makes the community look cleaner.

Here are some other communities for the rabid Zelda fan:

Now go ahead and enjoy yourselves!